Choosing underlying managers

Rose SquaresOnce we have a mandate from a new client, we use our knowledge of investment managers to select those that will invest according to our specific risk and performance targets.

We monitor the constantly changing investing environment and monitor those funds and managers who have the most appropriate tools and strategies to meet their targets.

We take a wide range of performance and risk statistics into account and track the performances of selected fund managers over months and sometimes years before investing. In addition to following daily fund reports, we have regular face to face meetings with fund managers, both local and offshore. Selected managers are required to take us through structured due diligence reports, explain under performance and current portfolio positions.

In 2010 we set up a partnership with Novare Investments to design a series of client-specific fund-of-hedge-fund product offerings. Novare's extensive experience in hedge fund research and portfolio construction is harnessed and combined with our assessment of our client requirements.