What makes us different?

Rose NineSamples2We use bespoke structures to maximise investment diversity and flexibility. In addition, these structures are both tax efficient and cost effective. We give you access to our best ideas, regardless o fthe size of your investment. .

If appropriate we suggest the use of alternative investments (such as hedge funds, property funds or private equity investments) to provide unique sources of return and capital protection both domestically and offshore.

If you don't know what you're paying you're probably paying too much. We earn only an advice fee and all costs, be they fund management, administration or advice, are fully disclosed and show in both Rand and percentage terms.

We generally do not operate with a discretionary mandate from our clients. Recommendation are communicated to and discussed with you and once accepted  executed through our office on their behalf.

We are customer focussed. You, the client will come first, always. We embody this commitment by passing on any fee discounts or rebates received from third parties to you.