Author: Liz Still

SA ranks 17th in list of top 20 ‘up-and-coming’ economies

A US-based website has published a list of ‘up and coming’ economies, in which South Africa ranks 17th. This is good news for South African, where business confidence is at an all-time low, and South Africans who are fed up with load shedding. The website lists countries according to different criteria, including the most trusted countries, best countries for education and so on.


What India’s extraordinary growth and future can teach global leaders

Over the past 50 years emerging and developing economies have significantly enhanced their contribution to global output from around 15% to well above 50%. Underpinned by strong domestic demand, private consumption and investment, a growth projection of 7% suggests that South Asia has the resilience and strength to weather the global slowdown and to continue to grow.

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