What We Do

We use bespoke structures to maximise investment diversity and flexibility. In addition, these structures are both tax efficient and cost effective. We give you access to our best ideas, regardless of the size of your investment.

Our Services

We aim to preserve family wealth. To do this we seek consistent, realistic, risk adjusted rates of return. We are cost sensitive and manage every aspect of the value proposition for our clients from a risk, cost and return perspective. If appropriate we suggest the use of alternative investments (such as hedge funds, property funds or private equity investments) to provide unique sources of return and capital protection both domestically and offshore.

Wealth Planning for Families

Our core expertise is in assisting families with the management of their investments, both locally and offshore, tax planning, regulation and compliance, wealth transfer and estate planning.

We address the financial affairs of families much like that of a well-run business, by seriously considering governance, strategy, risk, liquidity, income, flexibility, continuity, reporting and review.

Our state-of-the-art reporting process is integral to providing our clients with a consolidated view of their investments across family members, in a range of geographic regions, investment products and asset classes.

We offer advice and earn advisory fees. We do not distribute or sell products in any shape or form.

Wealth Planning for Individuals

Our core competence in this regard is the monitoring and coordination of wealth management, investment and financial planning, retirement, tax and consolidated reporting.

Often high earners are too busy to attend to their own investments. We know that meeting crucial work deadlines and being out of touch due to business trips can take your eye off the shifts in the investment environment at crucial times.

Many of our clients have come to us with a diverse range of underperforming investments such as share portfolios, unit trusts, endowment policies, pension funds, provident funds and retirement annuities which they wish to consolidate. We can assist with reorganising and consolidating these disparate investments which should improve risk adjusted returns and reduce costs.

Evaluating Risk on Investments

Understanding and correctly evaluating risk is paramount when making an investment decision. As a result any risks present need to be identified, quantified and managed. Risk management is not risk avoidance.  Our investment choices are analysed to ensure that they provide acceptable risk adjusted returns over time.

Investment options are screened to address liquidity, tenure, redemption costs and other associated fees. During uncertain markets it is critical to evaluate changes in liquidity as well as volatility within the portfolio.

Our Fee Structure

We are committed to a transparent reporting process and complete disclosure of all fees and costs bourne by clients. We do an initial assessment of prospective client’s portfolios at our own cost and risk. No evaluation fee is payable regardless of whether or not a prospective client wishes to make use of our services in the longer term.

Our charges are fee-based, entirely transparent and no commissions are payable. Our product-related fees are all trail fees and payable monthly in arears. Ongoing analysis of fees charged by product providers, and Total Expense Ratios calculations per product have been a feature of our client reporting for some time.